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Mike Leach is the most underrated coach in college football

Although Oklahoma losing and Texas struggling was fun to watch, the single biggest story in college football was Mike Leach. Just six months arriving from Washington State, and in his first game in the SEC, Leach and the Bulldogs went on the road and faced the defending champions - and promptly beat them 44-34.

More importantly, he did it in the most Mike Leach way possible. In just his first SEC game, a Leach coached quarterback, set a single game SEC passing record in the victory.

That's also why following Mississippi State's victory on Saturday, Aaron asked the question on today's Aaron Torres Podcast: Is Mike Leach the most underrated coach in college football? It seems so. If you put aside his goofy press conferences and weird Twitter account, the guy wins big at schools where virtually no one else has success. He had four 9-win seasons at Texas Tech - and the school hasn't had a single nine-win season since he left. He also led Washington to 11 wins just two seasons ago - WASHINGTON STATE!!!

Point being, it's time to give Leach his respect.

To hear more about Leach and the Bulldogs, listen to the full video below.

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