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Michigan did 'Jump Around' at Wisconsin, just to let everyone know how bad they were destroying UW

Credit: @UMichFootball Instagram

You can criticize Jim Harbaugh for a lot of things: Winning zero Big Ten titles. Not beating Ohio State, even once. Not winning as an underdog up until Saturday.

But one thing that can not be disputed, is at least for one day, the Wolverines looked like the early years Harbaugh teams - and absolutely kicked the crap out of Wisconsin.

On the day, an already bad Wisconsin offense was extra anemic - as Michigan attacked the Badgers from every angle, finishing with sacks and holding the Badgers to 210 yards of offense.

If you missed any of the game, this is a pretty good synopsis.

So just how bad did it get for the Badgers?

Well, heading into the fourth quarter, Michigan hijacked a tradition that is quintessential Camp Randall, stopping what they were doing heading into the fourth quarter to "Jump Around."

Here's some video.

You know Michigan was feeling awfully swaggy when they literally stopped fourth quarter prep, just to punk Wisconsin in their own building.

We'll see just how legit Michigan is, as their schedule doesn't get any easier.

They still have games at Penn State, at Michigan State, and even a challenge at Nebraska next week. Not to mention some team named Ohio State later in the month.

But for at least one day, they looked like old school Michigan again.

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