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There was no sadder moment than Miami taking out the Turnover Chain and having to put it right back

It was a long, sad, day for the once mighty Miami Hurricanes. A program that has won five national championships in the last 35 years was the latest team to get steamrolled by Alabama in a season opener.

But as bad as the 44-13 final score was, there was one moment that made it worse, and may have been a metaphor for the entire game.

It came late in the second quarter when, already down 27-0, the Hurricanes forced a turnover. It was the first positive sign for a team that was getting run out of the building and prompted the team to half-heartedly bring out their famed "Turnover Chain."

Honestly, the "Turnover Chain" really isn't that cool when you're down 27-0 as is.

Then, something made it worse: A few minutes later, the play was overturned.

That's right, down 27-0, Miami had to put the Turnover Chain back in its box, after first pulling it out.

In Miami's defense, they aren't the first team to be embarrassed by Alabama on opening night, and they won't be the last.

Two years ago (remember, there was no out of conference opener last year for Bama) they beat Duke 42-3. The year before, they beat Louisville 51-14. And Florida State, which was ranked No. 3 in the country coming into the game 24-7 in 2017. And USC, 52-6 in 2016.

So yeah, from Miami's perspective, it weirdly could've been worse.

Still, there might not have been a lower point - in a night full of them - when the Canes whipped out the Turnover Chain, and then had to put it back.

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