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Miami got crushed by Michigan State - and Miami fans have officially had enough of Manny Diaz

It's been an, umm, not ideal start for the Miami Hurricanes to the college football season.

Week 1, they got destroyed by Alabama. Ok, no real shame in that. It happens.

Last week, they barely survived Appalachian State - where the highlight was a cat falling (and thankfully surviving) from the second deck at the stadium.

Then there was Saturday, where the Hurricanes hosted Michigan State - and lost in truly embarrassing fashion. It wasn't just that they got beat by the Spartans, but got destroyed, final score 38-17. This to a Michigan State squad which is clearly improved, but also at best, what, the fifth, sixth or seventh best team in the Big Ten?

With it, Miami fans are officially losing patience in Manny Diaz, Mark Richt's defensive coordinator - who took over the program three off seasons ago. Despite going 8-3 in last year's Covid-altered season, the Hurricanes are just 15-12 overall under Diaz, and now 1-2 this season. They have also lost four of five.

Fans are clearly mad.

Here is some reaction from the fan-base following the embarrassing loss.

The good news for Miami?

Well, at least they play Central Connecticut next week.

That should be a win... right?!

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