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Mark Davis' new Vegas house looks insane - and also eeriely similar to Allegiant Stadium

Can't lie: It seems like a good life, being Mark Davis.

Well, minus the haircut.

And being the butt of everyone's jokes.

Still, you get to own a football team. Hang out all day with Jon Gruden. You could certainly live worse.

And I don't just mean that figuratively, but literally.

On Wednesday we got renderings of the house that Davis is building in Las Vegas.

One, it's huge, over 15,000 square tag of a little over $14 million.

And two, it's got that eerie, "death star" vibe to it that both the Raiders practice facility and Allegiant Stadium have.

In terms of the specifics, well, it is straight out of one of those old "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" shows. According to the report, it is in a luxury community known as "Ascaya" which one local real estate expert called "a one percenters’ paradise," on a lot that was literally blown out of the side of a mountain by dynamite (can't make this stuff up).

It's also got all the bells and whistles that any guy in his mid-60's could possibly want.

Here are some, via the Las Vegas Review Journal

As seen in city records that include detailed site plans, building schematics and a full-color rendering with a view from the backyard, Davis’ imposing, seemingly Raiders-colored home would have floor-to-ceiling windows and be heavy on symmetry, rising to a peak in the middle where the top floor resembles the bridge of a ship.According to the project plans, the house would have a “man cave,” a prep kitchen, a bar, a steam room, a library, a sleek pool area, a porte-cochere and an area for “guest/vendor parking.”A building permit application for the custom home says it will span just over 15,000 square feet and have a 5,422-square-foot garage area. It also lists a valuation of $14 million.

In a follow-up interview, Davis told the Review-Journal that there would be no man cave, although did add that he was looking for a place with a "great view" (clearly), since “the place I’ll be living the rest of my life."

Kind of makes sense if you ask me.

Oh, and as mentioned, it does have that death star vibe that the Raiders practice facility and Allegiant Stadium have.

Which, in case you forgot, looks like this:

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