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Mac Jones tore up a joint practice against the Giants - leaving the haters to wallow in their tears

When you do what I do for a living - basically, spitting out sports opinions all day, every day, for pretty much your entire adult life - you're bound to miss on a few.

Like the time I said that Gonzaga would wipe the floor with Baylor in the title game last March for example.

As Michael Scott once said (after Wayne Gretzky said it) you miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take. Ya know?!

Anyway, one stance that I was adamant about in the lead-up to last year's NFL Draft, was that Mac Jones would end up being a really good NFL quarterback. I'm not saying I would have taken him over Trevor Lawrence (Lawrence and Justin Fields were my top two guys last year). But I just didn't understand the outrage when the idea cropped up that he could go as high as No. 3 overall to the San Francisco 49ers.

Oh my goodness! How they possibly take him over an FCS quarterback that played one in the 2020 season! What an outrage!

My favorite was continually hearing "Oh come on. Anyone could've done what he did at Bama!!!"

Really? Because he literally set an FBS completion percentage record last year. If anyone could do it, how come literally no one, in the history of college football has ever done what he did?

It never made sense. Not to anyone with a functional brain anyway.

Well, with that said - after I spent 400 words burying the lead - consider me not shocked to hear news out of a Patriots-Giants joint mini-camp today, where Mac Jones... absolutely SHREDDED the Giants defense.

He got the low five from Belichick?!?!?!


Ok, yeah that's a little tongue in cheek, and yeah, it's only preseason. But I mean come on, 18 straight completions, 21 of 23 passing. This, on the heels of a 13 of 18 night against the Eagles in their preseason game the other night. Not to mention that Jones ran exclusively with the first team on Wednesday with Cam Newton out in Covid protocol.

So yes, I know it's only preseason and I know it's only a closed door scrimmage that only like six media members had access to.


Mac Jones SZN is here.


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