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LSU fans are NOT happy with Coach O after LSU's loss to UCLA - here are the wildest tweets

It is the single biggest story of Week 1 of the college football: It is UCLA's upset over LSU.

Understand, it's not much of an upset in theory, since UCLA came in as just a field goal favorite at home. At the same time, this is LSU, a team that just won a title two seasons ago, and again, entered this road game as a favorite.

Instead, the Bruins won, and now, with it, the LSU fan-base is fired up.

Since claiming that title in New Orleans, LSU is just 5-6 overall, with losses to Mississippi State, Missouri and now UCLA. It has also led many to wonder: Is Ed Orgeron really the right guy for the job? Or did he ride the coattails of Joe Burrow and offensive coordinator Joe Brady?

It's a question many LSU fans are asking right now.

And many of them took to Twitter to express it.

Here are just a few of their tweets:

First, some smart, common logic:

Then, straight to the "Fire Coach O" tweets

Next up, were the "Coach O only won a title thanks to Joe Burrow and Joe Brady" tweets.

And then, the Gene Chizik comments began to roll in, comparing Orgeron to the Auburn coach who rode Cam Newton

And finally, there were the Bishop Sycamore references.

Because of course there.

Oh, and it probably didn't help that he had this to say, before the game.

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