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Lane Kiffin will not be with Ole Miss vs. Louisville on Monday night

When we launched this website a few weeks ago, one thing that our fearless leader Aaron Torres talked about was how this site was supposed to be fun. How we weren't going to stress and get annoyed over all the political non-sense that now comes with sports, argue over vaccinations, things like that.

But we do have a responsibility to get you news, and there was some on the Covid front on Saturday morning as Lane Kiffin announced that he has in fact tested positive for Covid and will not be with his team for their Monday night game against Louisville.

"I am disappointed to confirm that I have developed a break-through case of Covid and will not accompany our team to Atlanta," Kiffin wrote. "I am grateful to be vaccinated and experiencing only mild symptoms. So much so, I debated over being tested, but I'm relieved that I did. I'm proud of our program's commitment to vaccination, and as a result, there are currently no other cases to report or team members expected to miss the game. We will continue to monitor our team closely and take responsible measures if any symptoms arise."

Obviously this news takes on an added twist, as Kiffin and Ole Miss were the first program in the SEC (and likely major college football) that had a 100 percent vaccination rate earlier this fall.

There is also the debate about whether people that are vaccinated should be tested at all - something Aaron has talked about dating back to the NBA Playoffs when Chris Paul was forced to miss two games, despite being fully vaccinated - but that is another conversation for another day.

The only conversation today is that it is disappointing news for an Ole Miss squad, that really might be one of the most entertaining in football this season. They finished No. 3 nationally in total offense last year while averaging over 40 points per game, and bring back a bunch of talent, including quarterback Matt Corral off that team.

Now, they will have to travel to Atlanta for their opener against Louisville on Monday night without their coach.

The Rebels are currently a 10-point favorite against the Cardinals, but this feels like one that you should probably just stay away from at this point.

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