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Jon Gruden perfectly describes Raiders bizarre, wild Monday night win over Baltimore

Say this for Monday night's Ravens-Raiders game: It didn't lack for entertainment value.

By now you probably all know the details of the Raiders 33-27 overtime victory, a game where - if we're being honest, well, probably neither team deserved to win.

Still, if you missed it, in essence here were the final few minutes of overtime: Raiders get the ball. Raiders drive the ball. Raiders complete a pass to Bryan Edwards down the sideline who scores a touchdown.

Game over!

Only his knee was down on the one-yard line, so Raiders have first and goal needing one yard, on three plays to win the game. Raiders false start, pushing them back five yards. Derek Carr drops back... and throws an interception. Lamar Jackson then fumbles, Raiders kick a field goal and win.

Got all that? Good. So if you're scoring at home, essentially two overtime turnovers set up the game winner for Vegas.

It's also why Jon Gruden came up with the perfect way to describe the Raiders win when asked about it after the game:

"I felt like I died and woke up ... and died again. I was like a cat, I had multiple lives tonight."

I mean, you can criticize Jon Gruden for a lot of things - including robbing the Raiders of millions dollars blind. But he ain't wrong about that one.

Still, a win is a win. And to make matters better, it was a win, in the first game with fans in the stands at home in Las Vegas.

For those missed it, it was a pretty wild scene.

Hopefully the pre-game festivities continue to be as entertaining as the actual game itself was on Monday.

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