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Jacksonville State broadcaster re-lives iconic final play versus Florida State

It was both probably the single biggest upset in college football this year, and the single most shocking ending: It was Jacksonville State's stunner against Florida State, as the Gamecocks scored on the final play of the game to seal one of the most unbelievable victories that you'll ever see.

You've probably seen the play by now, but if not, here it is.

Regardless, it was an incredible moment that will remembered the rest of the season (and much longer for Florida State and Jacksonville State fans) and on Monday, Jacksonville State play-by-play man Mike Parris joined Jeff Culhane, host of the "FCS Fever" podcast (which is part of Aaron Torres Media) to discuss.

You can listen to the full interview here (or download below), but here is Parris re-living the moment that will always define this program.

His first thought: He noticed what we all did when re-watching the play: Florida State was not in a prevent defense.

The one thing that stands out as we get to the line of scrimmage and Zerrick Cooper (our quarterback) is looking at things. I was a little surprised, and Mike Norvell (their head coach) talked about it in the press conference after the game. They had the opposite feeling that our coaches did. They felt like we could throw a pass and get the timeout call, so that's why they didn't play prevent defense.
I noticed they had not dropped anybody deep deep, they were playing normal defense. Cooper just drops it into [wide receiver] Damond Philyaw-Johnson. [He] catches it at the 10, cuts back toward the field (from the numbers), he gets inside the 10 near the 5, and there's a guy that's got the angle on him."

Even as the play was unfolding, Parris readily admitted: He didn't think the receiver had enough juice to get to the end zone.

"I'm thinking, 'this is not gonna end well, he's gonna get tackled on the two-yard line, game's over." But, Ahmad Edwards (the other wide receiver) stayed with the play, he gets a block on him and we get to the end zone for a touchdown and pandemonium reigns supreme."

From there, Parris recounts the insanity that followed the play, in addition to a number of other things: What it was like in the postgame and what it all means for the program overall.

You can listen to the full interview below, and also make sure to subscribe to the "Fear the FCS" podcast with North Dakota State play-by-play man Jeff Culhane.


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