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Is No. 1 recruit about to flip to NEBRASKA?! BIG CFB Portal updates! Purdue fans COME AFTER TORRES!

On today's show Torres reacts to the news that the No. 1 QB recruit in America may flip to... NEBRASKA?! Plus, some big portal updates and he reads angry tweets from angry Purdue fans and loser media members after he criticized Zach Edey on Monday's show.

Is the No. 1 recruit in America about to flip to Nebraska: Torres opens the show with a discussion on if the No. 1 recruit in America, Dylan Raiola is about to flip from Georgia and commit to Nebraska. He shares the history, what it would mean for Nebraska and Matt Rhule and if it could actually happen!

Big college football transfer portal updates: From there, Torres switches gears and hits on some of the marquee portal updates from the last couple days. The quarterback carousel is spinning - and we know where some big names will end up. Ole Miss, Kentucky and others make their moves. Plus, will Coach Prime's rebuilt o-line actually work at Colorado?!

Tweets from angry Purdue fans and loser media members: Finally, Torres wraps the show by sharing an update from Monday. After questioning whether Purdue star Zach Edey gets a beneficial whistle - he heard from thousands of Purdue fans. He reads the craziest tweets and calls out the losers and keyboard warriors in the media who are wrong on this topic.

You can listen below or download:


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