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Is Michigan the best team in CFB? Mark Stoops comments cross the line? Oregon-Washington PREVIEW!

Aaron discusses whether Michigan should be getting more credit as the best team in college football, and if Mark Stoops' comments on Georgia crossed the line. Plus, he gives his preview and picks for the two big games this weekend - Oregon-Washington and USC-Notre Dame.

Is Michigan actually the best team in college football (2:00)? Torres opens the show by reacting to PJ Fleck's comments on Michigan. Fleck says Michigan is the best college football team he's ever seen - and it raises the question: Is Michigan, somehow underrated at this point in the year?

Oregon-Washington and USC-Notre Dame: From there, Torres makes his preview and picks on the two big games Saturday - Oregon at Washington and USC at Notre Dame.

Did Mark Stoops' Georgia comments cross the line: Finally, Torres wraps by discussing Mark Stoops' comments about Georgia and NIL. Did the comments cross the line? And were they insulting, not just to Georgia, but to Kentucky's players as well?

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