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Hurricane Ida will move one marquee Week 1 college football game

Hurricane Ida has hit Louisiana, and our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the state who has been impacted by the storm.

But from strictly the sports perspective, the storm has created impact on the Week 1 college football slate.

That's because Oklahoma - ranked No. 2 in the first AP Poll - was set to open its season against Tulane in New Orleans in Week 1.

Now, it has been moved to Norman.

Clearly, there are bigger issues at play here than football, but from a football perspective, it clearly sucks for Tulane. Without digging through a bunch of old schedules, you'd have to assume that having Oklahoma come to town would have been one of the biggest home games in recent history for the school.

Now, it won't happen. And with schedules made so far in advance, who knows the next time Oklahoma will actually be able to return to the city. Not to mention that instead they'll open in Norman, where presumably they'll be playing in front of a full house of fans in crimson and cream.

Also, as Brett McMurphy mentions, it also sets things up pretty advantageously for Oklahoma as well. The Sooners now open up with four straight home games, with only one true road game in their first seven games (at Kansas State). That includes a neutral site game with Texas, and they also get Iowa State - the highest ranked team besides OU in the Big 12- at home in late November.

Again, there are bigger issues in the world right now than college football schedules.

But at the same time, Oklahoma has gotten national title buzz this off-season.

To win a national title, you some breaks along the way. This would certainly qualify as one.


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