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Hugh Freeze and Michael Oher had a "Blindside" reunion on Friday

College football kicks off Saturday, but we're still a few days from the Liberty Flames kicking off the most anticipated season in school history (Hugh Freeze's words on the Aaron Torres Podcast, not ours).

And on Friday he got a visit from maybe the most well-known player he's ever coached: Michael Oher.

That's right, as easy as it is to forget after a memorable NFL career for Oher and Freeze's rise up the coaching ranks, it was just a little over 15 years ago that the two were together at Briarcrest Christian School in Memphis, winning a state title together in 2004. Their relationship, and of course, Oher's entire life story were depicted in "The Blindside" which was first a book and then made into a movie in 2009.

For all the NFL players that Freeze produced at Ole Miss - from DK Metcalfe to AJ Brown, Laremy Tunsil whoever - it goes without saying that Oher remains probably the most famous that he's ever coached, thanks to the movie.

Fast forward a few years and the two were together again on Liberty's campus, in the lead-up to the season. Again, Freeze is preparing for the biggest season in school history, while Oher has been out of the NFL since 2017 and appears to be doing some motivational speaking in his post retirement life.

Freeze recently joined the Aaron Torres Podcast to discuss the season ahead, which you can download below or listen to on YouTube.


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