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Texas has officially named its starting quarterback for Week 1

Throughout the last few weeks, we've seen any number of quarterback battles settled across college football. Notre Dame, Michigan, Texas A&M and Kentucky all went into camp with uncertainty at the position - and all have named Week 1 starters in the past few weeks.

But one school where the spot remained uncertain was at Texas, as redshirt freshman Hudson Card beat out the projected starter Casey Thompson, who had a solid Alamo Bowl for the Longhorns.

(Unrelated, is there a more "Texas quarterback" sounding name than "Hudson Card." Outside of "Colt McCoy" the answer is an unequivocal no)

Anyway, back to the news, which was first reported by 247 Sports' Texas site, Horns 247.

What will be interesting is the spin that comes out of Austin heading into a Week 1 game against a Louisiana squad that begins the season in the Top 25. It's clear in listening to Steve Sarkisian's comments about the two as recently as a few weeks ago, that he wasn't particularly happy with either following a recent scrimmage on August 14th. Still, in recent weeks Card has slowly started to separate himself according to the 247 Sports article, in part because of his ability

Regardless, it will be fascinating to see how Card will look in Sarkisian's new look offense. He certainly has the pedigree, after throwing for 50 touchdowns his senior year of high school. Then again, this isn't the first time that a quarterback entered the season with real hype at Texas. Few have lived up to it.

Regardless, it appears as though Card is the guy going forward.

Again, he won't have an easy task in Week 1, facing a Louisiana squad that went 10-1 last year, beat Iowa State and begins the season ranked in the Top 25.

Here are some highlights of Card from spring practice.


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