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Here's what Bruce Pearl said about other job opportunities on today's Aaron Torres Pod

Credit: CBS Sports

The college football coaching carousel may have just stopped spinning a short while ago, but the college hoops coaching carousel officially went into full drive this week when Chris Mack resigned as Louisville's head basketball coach.

Mack leaving after less than four seasons now means that one of the best jobs in college basketball is now available. And while there are several names of guys that Louisville would be excited to bring on, there is one name above all others that Cards' fans seem to want: That is Auburn's Bruce Pearl. And it appears as though Louisville is wasting no time in making its interest known, as earlier this morning, Auburn Live's Justin Hokanson reported that the school has already reached out to Pearl's camp.

Clearly, Pearl is a wanted man, and he discussed that and much more with Aaron Torres on today's Aaron Torres Podcast.

The guys hit on a number of topics, including job rumors. Here is what Coach Pearl had to say when Aaron asked how he is handling his name being linked to other jobs.

"What makes me effective, because I'm not very talented, is that I just lock in. And so I'm just locked in right now to Oklahoma [who Auburn plays this weekend] and then we play Alabama and at Georgia, and all I can do is see this. That's what I ask my players to do is to stay focused and that's what I'm going to do Aaron, is stay focused on that.
That's not just coach talk, it's real.
Look, the other side of it, if you weren't having success - look, when you're in coaching, when you're winning, they're worried you're going to leave. And when you're losing, they're packing your bags. It's a pretty nomadic profession.
It's a good problem to have."

Clearly Pearl is focused on the present, but as Hokanson points out, there are things about Pearl's future that need to be addressed as well - salary, a basketball practice facility and much more among it. And now it's on Auburn to keep Pearl happy as other schools pursue.

To listen to the full interview with Pearl, you can download or listen below.

Also, here is Aaron's quick reaction to candidates at Louisville


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