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We have a mid-season "Hard Knocks" coming in November and I'm TOTALLY here for it

Let me just say this: We criticize pretty much everyone for everything these days, so let's just give a little credit where it's due: We got an AWESOME piece of news on Thursday night.

That's because during the Thursday Night Football game between the Giants and Washington, the NFL announced something pretty bad ass: We will get our first ever mid-season Hard Knocks.

That's right, in addition to getting time with the Dallas Cowboys during training camp this year, the league will follow around the Indianapolis Colts, with four episodes airing, starting in mid and late November.

Put simply, I LOVE this idea.

Look, I think that we can all agree that Hard Knocks fell a little flat this year. It's nothing against Mike McCarthy, Dak, Zeke, you name it. But we've all kind of been through the song and dance of "Hard Knocks" before. We know the routine by now. Coach makes fake motivational speech (remember Jeff Fisher's famous 'I'm not f***ing going 7-9" speech?). Random guy gets cut. Star struggles with off the field issue.

Blah, blah, blah, blah. Again, we've seen it all before.

But this? Hard Knocks mid-season? Who the heck knows what we could get? A potential first place team, with a white hot Carson Wentz on his way to another MVP caliber season? Wentz on the IR and the team struggling? Jim Irsay doing weird - and likely illegal - things?

Who knows?

Still, at the end of the day, it's hard to do anything unique in 2021 and this is it. And we'll be watching.

And since that's all there is to say, how about we all re-live that incredible Jeff Fisher "7-9" speech one more time.


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