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Hall of Fame head coach Jim Calhoun joins the Aaron Torres Podcast

While it's a quiet time with no sports Aaron is keeping things busy, as he welcomed in Hall of Fame, former UConn head coach Jim Calhoun to the Aaron Torres Podcast. The guys hit on a number of fascinating topics, including:

* Calhoun's surprising season at Division III St. Joseph's, where he led the team to a 25-game win streak in just his second season at the school

* What he looks for when evaluating players - and why that doesn't change at the major Division I level or in Division III

* The best recruiting stories from UConn, including how Kemba Walker, Ray Allen, Rudy Gay and Shabazz Napier ended up being Huskies

* Finally, the origins of the famous "Ryan Gomes" press conference rant.

To listen to the full show, you can download below on:


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