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Full Show: Reaction to Auburn hiring Hugh Freeze + the best and worst of "Feast Week"

On today's show, Aaron reacts to Hugh Freeze's official hiring at Auburn, and why this is the right move for the school. Then he hits on the best teams of Feast Week (UConn, Purdue, Tennessee) and the worst, and wonders which fan-base should be most concerened - Duke, UNC or Villanova?

Reaction to Auburn hiring Hugh Freeze hiring at Auburn (2:00): Aaron opens the show by reacting to Auburn's hiring Hugh Freeze, explains why it was the right move for the Tigers, and wonders how quickly he can turn things around at Auburn.

The best of "Feast Week" (17:00): Next, Aaron talks about the most impressive teams in Feast Week, hitting on UConn, Purdue, Alabama, Iowa State, Tennessee and others.

The worst of "Feast Week" (34:00): Finally, Aaron wraps the show by discussing three disappointing teams this week, wondering which fan-base should be the most concerned - Duke, Villanova or North Carolina?

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