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Florida State loses Jacksonville State on the final play of the game - on a total defensive meltdown

College football is a funny sport.

Just when you look at the schedule and think "Eh, this weekend probably won't be all that good," all hell breaks loose and you remember once again "Holy crap, there really is no sport quite like college football."

That was again evident on Saturday, where - after a full day of college football goodness - we got the best, and maybe wildest finish we've seen so far this season.

It came in Tallahassee, where just a few days ago Florida State looked like it may be in the process of turning the corner after nearly beating Notre Dame. Instead, on Saturday they showed they have a LONG way to go, as they lost to Jacksonville State.

Yes, Jacksonville State. An FCS school. That lost to UAB 31-0 last week.

Even worse, they didn't just lose - they lost on the final play of the game, in what can only be described as coaching malpractice.


It's not just that they lost to Jacksonville State, but on THAT PLAY?!

Well hey, there must be a good explanation, right?

Ah yeah, not exactly.

I mean, what can you even say at that point?

Not much except that, just when you think Florida State might be finally getting better, they have a night like this.

Keep in mind, this is a program that once finished in the Top 5 for 14 straight years - now they're losing to Jacksonville State.

Oh, and to make matters worse, Jacksonville State did this to celebrate the win.

Not a great to be a Seminole.

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