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A lot of people are asking a lot of tough questions about Dan Mullen after Florida's loss to LSU

Coming into Saturday's game between Florida and LSU, it seemed the conversation was simply on whether Coach O would make it to the end of the season or not.

It's not quite that bad at Florida yet, but there are a lot of people asking tough questions about Dan Mullen right now.

That's because Florida lost Saturday's game to LSU 49-42. In the process, Tyrion Davis-Price set a single-game school record for rushing yards (287) for a team that ranked 127th in rushing yards out of 130 FBS teams coming into this game. It also took a quarter and a half for Mullen to put in Anthony Richardson, the quarterback that clearly gave him the best chance to win the game.

Beyond that though, it continues a disturbing trend of Mullen pretty much being unable to beat anyone that matters in recent years.

Yes, Mullen had two 10-win seasons in his first two years and a Cotton Bowl appearance last year.

But they also have also lost to LSU three years in a row, including twice as a double-digit favorite. Overall, as Aaron points out, they're 4-6 in their last 10 games. The only Power 5 teams they've beaten are Tennessee and Vanderbilt both at home.

Therefore, it led to a lot of debate on the internet.

Mullen didn't come into the game on the hot seat. And even saying he is now is a bit presumptuous.

However, it's clear there are a lot of people asking tough questions about a coach who made his living beating bad teams at Mississippi State but struggling to top the good ones.

And whether Florida is another version of that.

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