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Florida lost again - and the internet is starting to wonder how long Dan Mullen has in Gainesville

Life goes from good to bad really fast in the SEC - and no where are things going from "bad" to "worse" quite like in Gainesville right now.

It was just one year ago that Dan Mullen and Florida played for an SEC title, but even then you could see the cracks in the foundation starting to show. The Gators lost as a 24-point favorite at home to LSU, then got smoked in the Cotton Bowl by Oklahoma.

Yet somehow things have gotten worse - much worse - for the Gators' head coach this season, and especially on Saturday. The Gators lost to the South Carolina Gamecocks - yes, SOUTH CAROLINA! - to fall to 4-5 on the season.

Coupled with a couple other bad losses (LSU, Kentucky, a loss which looks worse by the week) and the fact that Mullen did himself no favors this week with the media, things are starting to get prickly with Mullen in Gainesville.

And again, now at 4-5 with three games left, with four losses in their last five games, many are starting to wonder how much longer Mullen has in Gainesville.

Here is some of the reaction we saw across social media on Saturday night:

For more on Mullen, here was Aaron's commentary from this week's Aaron Torres Podcast:

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