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First Urban Meyer/MSU rumor, Previewing UK-Georgia, Bama-A&M, Kentucky-IU back, CBB recruiting notes

We've got a jam packed show, as Aaron discusses the first Urban Meyer/Michigan State rumors - and if we should believe them, then he previews the two mega-SEC games on Saturday. Who wins Alabama-Texas A&M and Kentucky-Georgia? Finally he talks hoops as Kentucky and Indiana hoops will play again, plus some recruiting notes on Cooper Flagg, the Boozer twins and more!

We have our first Urban Meyer/Michigan State rumors (3:00): Torres opens the show with our first set of Urban Meyer/Michigan State rumors. Are they believable? And does an Urban Meyer-Michigan State marriage make sense on either side?

Previews of Bama-A&M and Kentucky-Georgia (16:00): Next up, Torres shares his thoughts on the two mega-SEC games this weekend: Alabama-A&M and Kentucky-Georgia? Who does Torres like and how do the games go down? He shares his thoughts?

Indiana-Kentucky rivalry back on + college hoops recruiting news and notes (37:00): Finally, Torres wraps the show by talking college hoops. He shares his thoughts on the return of the Kentucky-Indiana rivalry? Plus, thoughts on all the big recruiting news across college hoops. No. 1 player in America Cooper Flagg cancels a Kansas visit, what does it mean? What about the No. 1 player in 2025 Camron Boozer? Plus thoughts on Kentucky, Bama, Arizona and more

You can listen to the show below or download


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