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Entire Michigan State football and men's basketball team inks a sweet NIL deal

We live in a brave new world of Name, Image, Likeness.

One where an Alabama quarterback can come close to making seven figures before he ever takes a snap in Tuscaloosa, and where Ohio State's fourth-string quarterback signs more deals than Patrick Mahomes and Baker Mayfield combined.

And on Wednesday we found out about maybe the sweetest deal yet: A local Michigan company will pay every single Michigan State football and basketball player $500 a month... for their entire careers.

Yes, every single player. From the star point guard to the back-up punter. From players on scholarship to walk-ons. Everyone gets $500 a month. Not bad at all.

The company is "United Wholesale Mortgage" a company run by Mat Ishbia, a former Spartan walk-on basketball player, who was part of the team's 2000 national championship team. Per an article from the Detroit Free Press, all that Spartan athletes will be asked to do is market the company on their social media pages.

Ishbia shared the announcement himself on his own Twitter page.

Ishiba apparently swings a big you-know-what around Spartan athletics, as earlier in the year, he donated $32 million the athletic department.

This is a completely separate deal, according to a press release from earlier in the day.

“The Spartan family sticks together, and that’s what makes MSU athletics so special,” Ishbia said in the press release. “Each player contributes to the team in a positive way and we’re excited to help support them, while also helping educate consumers about the benefits of independent mortgage brokers.”

So yeah, not a bad deal at all for Michigan State athletes.

One thing is for certain: The days of people on Twitter complaining about "poor, broke college athletes" are done.

Good for Michigan State and good for Ishba.

Oh, and no worries.

People on social media will still find something to whine about.


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