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Duke lost in Coach K last game at Cameron - the internet went CRAZY as Dukies bawled their eyes out

Credit: ACC Network

It was the biggest game of the college hoops season - at least in terms of pregame hype.

That's right nine months after Coach K announced his retirement, the Duke Blue Devils hosted North Carolina in the final game of the regular season - and there was no way they were losing, right? I mean they just beat Carolina by 20 a few weeks ago, they're by far the best team in the ACC, plus let's be honest, it's Coach K at Cameron!

No way they lose... until they did, as Carolina walked out with a 94-81 victory to wrap Coach K's storied career.

But while it was a disappointment for some, it was a joy for others, as Duke fans spent most of the final few minutes bursting out in tears after the disappointing loss.

We couldn't let the evening go by without sharing the best pictures and videos of Duke fans bawling their eyes out in the streets after Coach K's loss on Saturday night.

Some Duke fans chose to express their disappointment in others ways.

Oh, and noted Duke alum Ken Joeng might have summed up the night best for Duke fans (thankfully, the camera only panned to him 37,000 times to capture this reaction)

Of course after the game, it got better as Coach K gave a speech, which got off to a rip-roaring start:

The good news?

Only eight more months until Jon Scheyer steps in and breaks up this retched home losing streak.

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