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DFS Flash: Why you should still buy high on Lamar Jackson following his dominant effort against KC

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

On today's "DFS Flash" podcast, JB Barry whips around the NFL with the DFS plays you NEED to make heading into Week 3. Included - why he's buying high on Lamar even after Sunday Night, and why some big name running backs and wide receivers still bring value this weekend. Here is a full rundown:

Quarterback: JB explains why - even after his dominant performance on Sunday night - Lamar Jackson still has value at the quarterback spot. Also, is Matthew Stafford still *undervalued* at quarterback?

Running back and wide receiver: JB rips through the options at both spots, explaining why Saquon Barkley has value off of his Thursday night effort against Washington, and why DK Metcalf has value heading into Saturday's showdown on Sunday afternoon.

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