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Damian Lillard got married this weekend and the wedding looked like a BANGER

There's nothing quite like a wedding on a long holiday weekend.

First off, wedding vibes are awesome. Everyone's relaxed, drinking, having a good time, letting loose. Then you add in the fact that you have an extra day at the back end of the weekend, and it makes everyone go that much crazier. Knowing that you have a full day to recover on Monday, after your awful, hungover Sunday flight or drive, really gives every holiday weekend a different energy.

It really is utopia, and shout out to everyone who has their wedding on a long weekend.

This weekend, one of those people was Damian Lillard.

That's right, it's been a busy off-season for Lillard - winning an Olympic gold medal, making non-denials about trade demands, on and on. But over this weekend, he also took time to tie the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Kay'la Hanson, who, according to a quick Google search he met at Weber State.

Well, pictures have come out of the weekend, and let's just say, it looked like a BANGER.

First, there is the beautiful couple

But as sharp as Dame looked - and he did look sharp - one outfit wasn't enough.

Honestly, you know a wedding is off the charts, when you get a wardrobe change, mid-ceremony from the groom.

It goes to another level, when the wardrobe change ends in this:

Beyond just the blushing bride and groom, you also had an A-list group of guests.

There was Bradley Beal.

And current teammate CJ McCollum

And Jusuf Nurkic, who, according to this picture, might have the biggest feet in the history of recorded civilization.

Oh, and if that's not enough...

We even got a musical performance from none other than Dame Dolla himself (scroll over to the second or third photo)

Look, when it's your wedding you get to do what you want. And what better way to spend it, then by killing two birds with one stone, by also letting the groom be one of the lead vocalists in the entertainment.

Oh, but Dame Dolla wasn't the only big performer there.

That's right... SNOOP DOGG SHOWED UP.

Again weddings are great.

But Dame Dolla and Snoop Dogg?

Give me a break.

Also, if you're engaged, do not show this to your fiancée.

There is no way this one can be topped.

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