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Crazy video - as wild pigs are running amok in Rome... and may shake up an election in the process

If you hang out on social media long enough, you see just about everything.

Yet this is one that is new to us: As there is video emerging out of Rome, yes, Italy, where wild pigs have begun to run amok in the city.

We may see a big pig invasion in Athens this weekend - that for the Arkansas-Georgia football game, of course. But apparently it's even worse in Rome.

Here are some of the crazy videos that have emerged.

So yeah, that video is absolutely crazy - as hogs are running wild in the streets of Rome.

What's even crazier though: Those pigs have created a crazy, political battleground in the city as well.


That's because according to the ABC News article linked above, as Rome comes up on its mayoral election, the big pig invasion is now being used against current mayor Virginia Raggi, citing the city's inability to properly remove garbage as the cause of all the pigs to flock into the city.

According to the video, there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 6,000 pigs in the city, with attempts to remove them mostly unsuccessful.

As Rome gears up for a local election next weekend, the wild boar invasion has been used as a political weapon to attack Mayor Virginia Raggi over the city’s formidable garbage collection problems. But experts say the issue is more complicated and tied at least in part to a booming boar population.

All I'll say is, as someone who reads way too many weird articles, on way too much random stuff, the pig invasion isn't unique to Italy alone. Just take the US, for example. From an article in March this year, there are believed to be somewhere in the neighborhood of six to nine million wild pigs in the United States right now, which cause billions of dollars worth of damage.

It's so out of control, that in many states, you're freely allowed to kill the pigs, and in places like Texas, a thriving economy has grown out of it. That's right, in the Lonestar state, you can actually pay for helicopter rides to shoot pigs from the sky.

Of all the problems in the world right now, who knew a big pig invasion was one of them?

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