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Cowboys-Bucs did an absurd TV rating

Sure this story is a day or two old, but it's so crazy that we need to address it here.

That story: America freakin' loves its football.

Just a week after Week 1 of college football did absolutely monster numbers (including close to nine million viewers for the Georgia-Clemson game), the Cowboys and Bucs proved that there is nothing like NFL football to draw viewers to their TV screens.

In total, over 26 million people - TWENTY SIX MILLION - watched the Bucs 31-29 last second victory over the Cowboys.

That is the most viewers for an opening night game since 2016 according to NBC, and also the single most watched program on TV since last year's Super Bowl.

Not bad.

What might be more interesting though, was which were the top markets to tune into the game.

Not surprising, Dallas was No. 1 with an absurd 56 percent share, with two other Texas markets (San Antonio and Austin) in the top six. It also wasn't surprising that Tampa was No. 3.

What is surprising though, were the markets that came in at No. 4 and No. 6 - Providence and Boston, two major cities in New England.

Hmm, maybe it's just a coincidence. Or maybe there are a lot of people in New England that aren't all too happy to see Brady still balling out all these years later.

Either way, football is back. And America is loving it.

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