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We officially have our first "Celebrity Guest Picker" for College Gameday this season

There's nothing that screams "college football is here" quite like turning on your TV set Saturday morning, and flipping on "College Gameday."

It goes without saying that like so much else of college football last year, the show wasn't quite the same though, with limited (or no) fans, and members of the show regularly doing it from home.

However, if you want that college football is... BACK BABY, look no further than Saturday, where Gameday will be officially on location again. But instead of doing it at one of a handful of "Week 0" games that feature FBS teams, they will instead be on-site for the Alcorn State vs. North Carolina Central game on Saturday.

And with the news that the show is officially returning, it also means we've got our first "Celebrity Guest Picker" for the show this season as well.

It's none other than Deion Sanders.

Clearly, the move makes sense on a number of fronts.

One, Sanders coaches at an HBCU, as the head man at Jackson State. Speaking of which, that's in large part how Sanders got the "Celebrity Guest Picker" job - because he will be on site as is, in his own words "scouting" the opposition.

Still, it will be great to see Sanders on the show, and more importantly, great to see the show live, with fans behind them.

Saturday cannot get here fast enough.

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