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Clemson fan drowns himself in mayonnaise - because, college football

Say what you want about college football, but it is definitely the sport where the weirdest, wackiest and strangest stuff happens.

What is "normal" in college football would get you thrown out of most major sporting events. And the saddest part of it all... we got none of it last year, with basically no fans in the stands.

Therefore it was good to turn on the TV on Saturday and college football get back to being... well, weird, with a Clemson fan dousing himself in mayonnaise.

Why, who the hell knows. And of course, the move does raise sooooo many questions.

Does he plan on returning to the hotel after kick-off to clean up? Is he just going to stay like that all day? And imagine being his friend when he's like "Nah man, I'm good. I'm just gonna roll with it."

Either way, college football is so... freaking... back.

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