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College football is ALL the way back - with fans pretty much everywhere going bananas in the stands

When sports left for a while in the spring of 2020, and then returned last summer and fall, there was no sport more impacted by having few - or in many cases "no" - fans than college football was.

There really is just no sport that relies on fans - the passion they bring, the excitement and traditions - like college football.

Therefore, we can't lie: Of every development across college football this weekend, there has been none better than flat out seeing packed houses and fans going crazy.

It all started last weekend with Illinois-Nebraska, but really picked up steam this weekend.

The scene at Minnesota for their opener against Ohio State was bonkers, even if it didn't work out well for the Gophers.

Then Friday it ramped up even more.

"Enter Sandman" returned to Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, and it spurred Virginia Tech to upset a Top 10 North Carolina team.

I mean come on, how sick is that?

And then finally, we got "Jump Around" at Wisconsin, which really is one of the best traditions in all of college football.

Oh, and just for good measure - Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City was bumping too.

Say what you want about whatever, but there really is nothing better than college football.

And the only thing better than that, is college football with fans in the stands.

As Aaron said earlier: Sorry, not sorry.

But we're about to enjoy the hell out of all these games this season.

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