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College baseball season is HERE: Gear up in - in the Aaron Torres Media shop

The long wait is over America, as college baseball returns to the diamond, today, Friday, February 17, 2023.

That's right: The road to Omaha starts.... TODAY:

So what better way to get ready for the season ahead, by grabbing AT Media's two, limited-supply college baseball designs.

Tennessee: "Bad Boys of College Baseball" shirt

The bad boys are back, baby!!!

That's right: After a historic regular season that was capped by an SEC Tournament championship, Tennessee has established itself as an emerging, new power in college baseball.

More importantly, they do it with style and flair - and aren't afraid to piss off their opponents, in the process!!!


Arkansas: "Big Pig Invasion" shirt

They're one of the gold standards in college baseball, a program that has made it to Omaha 11 times in program history, and three times in the last five years - yes, we're course talking about Arkansas!

That's right, on the diamond, the question has to be asked: Can Anything Stop the Big Pig Invasion?

And of course, the answer is no.

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