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Coach O gets in a WILD exchange with a caller on his radio show Wednesday night

When it comes to SEC football there's never a dull moment, and there is definitely never a dull moment when it comes to coaches currently fighting for their job.

And that's exactly what's going on, on the Bayou right now, as Coach O is fighting like mad to remain the head coach of LSU. The Tigers are just 3-2, and the scary part is, they just finished the *easy* part of their schedule. Next up, are five straight ranked opponents for the Tigers.

So as you can imagine, patience is wearing thin amongst the fan-base. And one caller appeared to take it too far during Coach O's radio call in show on Wednesday.

The caller referenced having a sister in the audience that night (which clearly wasn't true), telling Coach O, “Well she is a little blond-headed girl, so try not to have sex with her.”

You can hear the audio below.

For those not familiar with the reference, well one of the fan-base's frustrations with Coach O is that following the title run in 2019, he appeared to enjoy himself a bit too much.

Therefore, we probably shouldn't be surprised that Coach O did not take the comment well, with the reference to, “Let me say something right now, down in the Bayou we have a nice little fishin’ hole for people like that."

In the end, you can argue with Coach not getting the job done, that's indisputable.

What isn't cool however, is the annoying trend of people feeling like they can be able to say whatever they want to people anonymously (via online or in a situation like this) that they would never say in public.

We all know damn well that if that guy saw Coach O in public, he'd go up for a picture. Not make a dumb joke like that.

On a different note, it brings up a larger question: In the era of $8 million-a-year head coaches, why do any of these guys agree to do call-in shows?

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