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We have wild video of a cat falling from the second level of Hard Rock Stadium

There really is no sport quite like college football. Just about every time you think you've seen it all, something bizarre happens and you think to yourself "is this sport for real?"

Usually that stuff happens on the field (and for some reason often involves schools like Tennessee or Nebraska doing something inexplicable - but that's another conversation for another day).

But instead on Saturday the craziness came via WILD video from Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Watch this video closely and you'll see a cat - a CAT!!! - hanging from the second level.

Thankfully it appears as though, after the cat fell, it ended up alright - even if it didn't seem all that excited to be picked up by a couple of random, drunk Miami fans.

We have no further updates beyond this wild video.

But we're glad to see that the cat turned out alright.

Freakin' college football, man.


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