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Cardale Jones just RIPPED the Ohio State defensive coordinator

There's no doubt it was a frustrating day at Ohio State, where the Buckeyes not only lost to Oregon - but essentially got embarrassed.

As Aaron wrote earlier, it wasn't just that Oregon won - it's that they were basically better in every phase.

They were tougher.

More athletic.

And Joe Moorhead worked the Ohio State defense like a speedbag, as Oregon finished with 505 yards of total offense and a staggering seven yards per carry on the ground.

Clearly after a performance like that, people aren't happy and that included one prominent Ohio State alum: Cardale Jones.

That's right, when one of his former teammates - Tyvis Powell - tried to defend the Buckeyes scheme and play defensively, Jones jumped in.

And basically tore defensive coordinator Kerry Coombs to shreds.


To be blunt, it's not often you see someone as prominent as Jones go after his former school and their assistant coaches.

At the same time, what he's saying very much reflects what Buckeyes fans feel right now.

Remember, it wasn't just what happened today, but instead, that it's become a bit of a growing trend in Columbus.

Just last week, Minnesota was largely able to move the ball on Ohio State, especially on the ground, and the Buckeyes got blitzed for 52 points in last year's title game against Alabama. Even before that, the Buckeyes weren't elite all year, as they finished just 59th last year in total defense, and an abysmal 122nd in pass defense.

Clearly at a place like Ohio State those numbers aren't good enough, and it's led to a lot of frustration.

Including apparently, by former Buckeye players.


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