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British pop star draws a line in the sand: She wants no more old dudes in the club

Credit: @TalliaStorm (Instagram)

It's an epidemic that transcends generations and history: Old dudes, doing old dude stuff, creeping out girls at the club.

You know the type. Stand in the corner, suit, receding hair, paying for overpriced liquor, convinced the bottle girl service is in love with them.

We've all seen them. Some of us even may be them.

Well, at least one prominent British singer wants them banned, after one top British politician was seen at a rave a few weeks ago.

Her name is Tallia Storm, and while no one here at Aaron Torres Online has ever heard of her (maybe it's because we're said, unhip old dudes) she is unhappy with their presence, lurking in the shadows of her favorite nightclub.

Here is what she had to say to Good Morning Britain on Tuesday:

‘But I’m 22-years-old, I’m only just coming into my prime, I do not want to walk into the club and see my dad, see my dad’s friends, or even my granddad cutting some shapes.
‘I’m just not sure what they have common. Do they like Tion Wayne? I’m not sure if they will even be able to relate to top hits UK right now.’:

She continued:

I think we should talk about perhaps a separate place for the over-50s and 60s to cut some shapes, but I'm just not sure that when we're having fun, we're dancing with our friends, that that environment for both of us is really in sync ... it's kinda cringey, it's kinda creepy, they're judging, they're staring at me and I just want to have some fun.

One, I love the idea of 50+ over clubs, everyone just dancing around, listening to the BeeGee's, having a grand old time. And two, I love her just tossing around the term "cutting some shapes." Maybe that's one from across the pond, but speaking of old, doesn't that sound like something your grandma would've said about the roaring 20's?

Not surprisingly, Storm's comments were met with some backlash, including by a 78-year-old DJ that was actually on set with her for the interview. Insert your own commentary about a 78-year-old DJ here, but he brings up a good point: Many of the best DJ's in the world are over 40, which apparently is Storm's cut-off age for old guys mackin' in the club.

Steve Aoki is 43. Is he allowed in? What about Tiesto who is 52? Calvin Harris is about to be 37? Should he be forced to retire in three years?

It's a great point, and really since I have nothing else to add, and know little about Storm, here is some more info about her via her Instagram feed.

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