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ICYMI: We had an all out brawl at Petco Park the other night

They say 1967 was the "Summer of Love" and a cool 54 years later, well, we have ourselves "The summer of brawls in the stands."

Or maybe the "Summer of Flying Fists." Yeah, I like that one better.

I don't know whether it's all the pent up anger of being stuck in the house for all of 2020, the adrenaline of simply returning to games in person, or a combination of both, but doesn't it seem like every time you look up, we've got someone throwing punches in the stands? "Suns in 4" guy set the tone early, and it's been followed up in recent weeks by fights at Rams and Steelers games this preseason.

And on late Wednesday, baseball fans said "You know what? We want in on the action" when an absolute brawl broke out at the Dodgers-Padres at Petco Park.

Yes, this video is a day old. But is there ever a bad time to watch a brawl in the stands video?

Looking into the particulars of this one, I can't lie, I'm not all that surprised.

One, Padres-Dodgers has become a bit of an interesting rivalry on the West Coast, with - after about 20 years of irrelevancy - the Padres thinking that they've become an actual rival to the Dodgers, now that they're spending money again and are half decent. It drives Dodgers fans crazy. Think of it like Michigan coming within a field goal of beating Ohio State after getting blown out all these years, and Wolverines puffing out their chests like they own the rivalry. That's kind of how Dodgers fans feel about Padres fans right now.

So yeah, tensions were already high in the ballpark, and it probably didn't help that this game went 16 full innings and ended around 1am.

My favorite two things about this particular video: One, the Dodgers fan with white hair trying to mitigate a fight between two guys half his age. Guy looks like a poetry professor trying to jump in and break a brawl on the quad. As LaVar Ball once said, "Stay in yo lane!"

Two, also can't lie, just the glimpse of a Padres fan in a Fernando Tatis Jr. shirt makes me laugh. You know the dude bought it two weeks ago when he realized the Padres are good, and now struts around the biggest fan that ever there was.

Either way, "The Summer of Flying Fists" is here.

Who said baseball isn't fun?


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