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Bob Stoops Joins Today's Aaron Torres Podcast

The Aaron Torres Sports Podcast has had quite a few illustrious guests through the years, but few as big as today's: That's right, legendary Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops joins the show.

Aaron and Coach Stoops hit on a bunch of different topics, including:

* His new book, about his life in coaching

* Recruiting Adrian Peterson by visiting his father in jail

* Recruiting Baker Mayfield by not actually recruiting him at all

* What he saw in Lincoln Riley that made him believe that Riley would be the right fit to replace him.

* Why he has decided to coach in the XFL next spring.

* Will he ever coach college football again?

Whether you're a college football fan, this is a great interview, and one you're sure to enjoy.

You can listen to the show on

Or anywhere else you listen to podcasts!


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