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Big Sky teams - yes, the Big Sky - covered at an insane rate Thursday night

While Week 0 of college football was nice and all (shout out Scott Frost for keeping us entertained, it didn't really feel like college football until Thursday. Ohio State took care of business against Minnesota, Tennessee actually looked entertaining in a win over Bowling Green, and Gus Malzahn was in the middle of a weird game that took place well after 1 am ET.

As much as things change, they stay the same, huh?

But while everyone was focused on what was going on in Minneapolis and Knoxville, you know who was the real winner last night?

The Big Sky.

That's right, a conference that is best known for - well, who knows exactly what they're known for - was phenomenal on opening night. They covered in all five games with a pair of FCS over FBS upsets - UC-Davis shocking Tulsa and Eastern Washington pulling off a victory at UNLV, that can't even be called an upset since they were actually favored.

The Eastern Washington-UNLV game was especially epic, as Eastern Washington missed a chip shot field goal that would've won them the game in regulation... only to end up with a goal line stand to win it in overtime.

You can see the video above, or I'll put up down here again, since it was so bananas.

The good news is, if you're looking to cash in on Big Sky fever this weekend, well there are still plenty of opportunities. Northern Colorado is a home-hum 38 point underdog at Colorado and Montana State plays at Wyoming, where they're less than a three touchdown underdog. Washington hosts Montana and Hawaii hosts Portland State, but neither of those games are on the board right now (can anyone say "Big Sky bias?!"

Still, for all the excitement with Ohio State and Tennessee on Thursday, we know who the real winner on the first full night of the first weekend was.

As the old saying: It just means more up in the Big Sky.

Ok, they don't say that. But it was still a great night none the less.

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