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BIG NEWS: Aaron Torres Media has a new FCS football podcast "Fear the FCS" hosted by Jeff Culhane

One of the great things about launching Aaron Torres Media, is that when I started this, I had no idea where it could lead and who I would connect with.

That includes the podcast space. We're fired up to have my own Aaron Torres Podcast, my college football gambling podcast and an AWESOME NFL pick 'em podcast hosted by John Frascella and Wes Easley. We have others coming soon.

However, this is one I'm especially excited about, as Jeff Culhane, who is the play-by-play voice for North Dakota State football - the school which has won eight of the last FCS championships - has agreed to do our new, FCS football podcast: FCS Fever.

Put simply, this will be the best place for fans of FCS football to go, for all things FCS coverage.

You don't need to be a North Dakota State fan, or fan of any school in the FCS to enjoyed this pod. If you simply love FCS football, the small schools where - to be blunt - the talent gap isn't all that different than the big boys, than this is the place for you.

Twice a week, Jeff will take you through everything you need to know about the FCS: On Monday, we get a whip-around recap show, recapping all the big stories from the weekend. Then on Friday's he will preview the coming weekend, and often bring on regular guests.

Well, today is the debut of the show, and boy oh boy did Jeff have plenty to discuss.

He chatted about Montana's stunning upset over No. 20 Washington, Eastern Washington's goal line win over UNLV and early season wins for North Dakota State and Delaware. He also welcomed in Montana's play-by-play voice to give everyone a recap of what it was like to be in Seattle for the upset.

With that said, no more time to wait.

Make sure to subscribe to the "FCS Fever" podcast on

Or anywhere you get your podcasts

You can also listen to Episode No. 1 below:


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