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An early look at the 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Incredibly, after six months, 20+ weeks and a million ups and downs, the football season has come to an end - as the Los Angeles Rams are your Super Bowl champs.

Yet as sad as we are that it's over - it's never too early to look ahead to next season, which is exactly what we're doing today, as DraftKings has released odds for the 2023 Super Bowl!

The odds truly reflect just how crazy this off-season could be, as Tom Brady is now retired, and everyone from Aaron Rodgers to Russell Wilson to Jimmy G and even Deshaun Watson (remember him!) could be on the move.

So who do the oddsmakers at DraftKings like heading into the 2022 regular season and beyond? Here are your favorites:

Kansas City (+750): At some point we have to acknowledge that we're simply taking Kansas City's incredible run for granted. In one of the toughest divisions in football, Kansas City won its sixth straight division title this fall and made a fourth straight AFC Championship game - and yet most would probably consider this year a bit of a disappointment.

Still, while Patrick Mahomes clearly needs to clean a few things up, Vegas believes that - especially with potential turnover in Tampa, Green Bay and in other spots in the NFC - that KC enters the 2022 regular season as the team to beat.

Whenever you have Patrick Mahomes, you have a chance. And when you add him with the usual crew of Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce and others, you have much more than that - you have a Super Bowl favorite.

Buffalo (+750): Thirteen seconds. Thirteen seconds was the difference between Buffalo hosting Cincinnati in the AFC title game and going home for the summer - and unfortunately for them, it was the latter.

Still, in the process of falling to the Kansas City Chiefs for the second straight playoffs, we learned an important lesson: Buffalo Bills has arrived. There is no brushing off their 2020 season as a fluke, and instead, they are now officially the new power in the AFC East, with Allen capable of going toe-to-toe with any quarterback in this league.

The o-line and run game need improvement, but this team can play with, and beat anyone they face.

Los Angeles (+1000): Sean McVay's Los Angeles club is your Super Bowl champ - and there's no reason to think this thing will slow down. Heck, when you factor in Tom Brady's retirement and Aaron Rodgers' possible move to the AFC, LA's run atop the sport might just be beginning.

Sure, LA will look different, with the likely retirement of stalwart left tackle Andrew Whitworth and with it unlikely that Odell Beckham will be back with the club. Even if he is, his health is a huge question going into the off-season.

But Matthew Stafford got the postseason monkey off his back and Cooper Kupp established himself as arguably the most reliable receiver in the league. Assuming Aaron Donald doesn't decide to step away (there is some small speculation he might), there's no reason that LA can't be on the verge of a big couple years ahead in the NFC West.

Dallas (+1400): It shows you just how much talent Dallas has (and maybe a bit about how bad the NFC East is) that despite a first-round flop against San Francisco, DraftKings Sportsbook still has Dallas listed as one of top few favorites to win it all in 2022.

But while the odds might feel high, are they? Dak Prescott is at the very least consistent, and is surrounding by a bounty of talented skill position guys. Micah Parson and Trevon Diggs also established themselves as two of the most talented young defensive players in the league, and both coordinators are back after off-seasons of interviewing for jobs.

So hey, no pressure Mike McCarthy - you just once again have a Super Bowl contender on your hands? What're you gonna do with it (especially with Sean Payton breathing down your neck).

San Francisco (+1400): A bit of a surprise entrant to the top of these futures odds is San Francisco. On the one hand, they are of course coming off a run to the NFC title game, where they actually held a lead going into the fourth quarter.

On the other, their quarterback future is uncertain, with Jimmy Garoppolo likely out the door and Trey Lance likely replacing him.

Is it possible the oddsmakers know something we don't?

In other words, is it possible that one of two legendary QB's with Bay Area ties could end up in a San Francisco uniform this fall? Hmm?

Cincinnati (+1400): While they aren't at the top of these odds, it tells you everything you need to know that Cincinnati is in the short discussion of contenders coming into next season.

And honestly why wouldn't they be after the run they just had?

Yes, the offensive line needs major help, but as long as Cincinnati has Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase, they'll be able to play with and beat anyone.

It really is incredible just how far this franchise came, in such a short time, isn't it?


Green Bay (+1600)

Baltimore (+2000)

Tampa (+2200)

Here are the full odds for the 2023 Super Bowl via DraftKings Sportsbook


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