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Aaron Torres Pod: Urban Meyer's future, who's next at LSU if Coach O doesn't make it + more

There are no shortage of big topics on today's Aaron Torres Pod! Aaron explains why it's preposterous to think Urban Meyer should be fired for the videos that surfaced this week - but his time in the NFL is ticking. Also, if Coach O ends up out at LSU, who are the candidates? Finally, "Where Aaron Was Right, Where Aaron Was Wrong" discussing Bama, Oregon, Georgia and the Kansas City Chiefs. Here's a rundown:

Urban Meyer's future: Aaron opens the show by discussing the latest in the Urban Meyer fiasco (2:30). He explains why its absurd to think he should be fired over the videos that surfaced - but also, why this incident is further proof that he isn't cut out for the NFL. Also, how this week's news may have impacted Meyer's ability to get a college job in the future.

Coach O's future: Next up, Aaron talks Coach O (17:00). No Coach O has not been fired, but his team is struggling and there is no reason to get think they'll get better any time soon. After reports surfaced on who could be next, Aaron lists his candidates - including two current SEC coaches - and the plusses and minuses of each. Also, would James Franklin choose USC or LSU if he's offered both?

Finally, Aaron wraps on "Where Aaron Was Right, Where Aaron Was Wrong" (37:00), discussing LSU, Alabama, Georgia and Oregon - plus why he was waaaay wrong on the Kansas City Chiefs, and right on Deshaun Watson

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