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Aaron Torres Pod: SPECIAL EPISODE: A preview of the new podcast - "College Football Betting"

We have a special BONUS episode of the Aaron Torres Podcast - as Aaron gives you a preview of his new podcast "College Football Betting" with Aaron Torres. In this show, he gives you a detailed, analytical breakdown of the biggest games of the weekend.

Aaron breaks down the following games - Clemson-Georgia (9:00), Miami-Alabama (12:30), a quick look at the Ohio State-Minnesota game that was played on Thursday (16:15) and a Top 25 showdown between Penn State and Wisconsin (19:30). He wraps on LSU-UCLA (23:00), and wraps on Louisiana-Texas, Indiana-Iowa, Notre Dame-Florida State and Louisville-Ole Miss (25:30).

If you enjoyed "College Football Betting" with Aaron Torres, make sure to subscribe on:


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