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Aaron Torres Pod: Playoff shake-up this season? Penn State best in the Big Ten? Bama concerns?

It's a LOADED Monday Aaron Torres Podcast! Aaron explains why he believes this will be the year we get real playoff shake-up, discusses who is most disappointing - Clemson, Oklahoma or Ohio State and if this is the year Penn State breaks through after beating Auburn? Plus, should Alabama be worried after a narrow win over Florida?! Here's a rundown:

Are we headed toward an unprecedented playoff?: Aaron opens the show by asking the question - after years of fans complaining about the same teams getting into the playoff every year, is the season we finally get shake-up (2:00)? Aaron explains why teams like Oregon, Iowa, Penn State and BYU could all be in the playoff mix late, while also discussing the struggles of some of college football's powers. He also asks: Which team should we be most worried about, Clemson, Oklahoma or Ohio State, with all three struggling (12:00)?

Penn State dominates and Alabama struggles: Finally, Aaron wraps the show by talking about the mega games on Saturday. He explains why he believes Penn State's win over Auburn not only makes them the favorite in the Big Ten, but also a legitimate College Football Playoff contender (27:30). Also, did we actually learn anything about Auburn, despite their close, hard-fought loss on Saturday? Finally he wraps talking Alabama-Florida - the Tide were outscored 26-10 after the first quarter and outgained by 100 yards. Is it time for concern Bama (39:30)?

Finally, Aaron wraps with thoughts on Ole Miss, USC and much, much more


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