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Aaron Torres Pod: Oregon dominates, Ohio State concerns, Texas NOT back, Pittman, Clay Helton?

It's Monday and we have a loaded Aaron Torres Podcast, as he fully wraps Week 2 of college football, included - Oregon dominating Ohio State, if its time for the Buckeyes to worry, Texas is not back, Clay Helton's scorching hot seat and more. Here is a full rundown:

Pac-12 picks up another signature win + time to worry about Ohio State: Aaron opens the show by discussing Oregon's dominant and stunning win over Ohio State Saturday (1:30). He explains why this is another signature win for the Pac-12, explains why the league finally seems to be catching up with the rest of college football, and also, just how good can Oregon be this year? Also, how big could the Oregon-UCLA game on October 23rd be? Finally, we ask just how worried Ohio State fans should be, after two losses in three games and a track record dating back to last year of struggling against just about everyone (12:30).

Texas is NOT back, Sam Pittman keeps rolling: From there, Aaron continues discussing Texas getting steamrolled at Arkansas (22:20). He discusses why everyone seemed to enjoy Texas's struggles so much, why they're the most arrogant fan-base in college football, and also where they would rank if they were actually in the SEC? Finally he discusses the incredible turnaround at Arkansas, where Sam Pittman continues to work wonders after last season (31:45).

Clay Helton hot seat and the rest of college football: Finally, Aaron wraps by discussing USC's embarrasing loss and why it's officially time for Clay Helton to go (41:00). He wraps on Michigan beating Washington, why he's officially out on Iowa State, Texas A&M, Kentucky and the rest of the weekend in college football.

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