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Aaron Torres Pod: Nick Rolovich, a surprise leader for LSU? Would Dabo leave Clemson? AP CBB Poll

It's Wednesday and we have a LOADED Aaron Torres Pod. We have a LOADED Wednesday show as Aaron quickly reacts to the Nick Rolovich firing at Washington, before moving onto to an update on the LSU coaching job. Could we have a surprise leader and would Dabo ever *really* leave Clemson? Finally, reaction to the first AP Poll of the college hoops season and "Where Aaron Was Right, Where Aaron Was Wrong"

Nick Rolovich fired, a new leader for the LSU job + would Dabo ever leave Clemson: Aaron opens the show with the shocking development at Washington State, where Nick Rolovich was fired for refusing to get vaccinated (2:00). From there, he pivots to LSU, where he asks: Has a surprise leader emerged for the LSU job (16:30). Also after Dabo Swinney's name was loosely speculated at LSU, Aaron say that's not an accident and wonders if Dabo would ever leave for another job.

AP College Hoops Poll + Aaron Right, Aaron Wrong: Finally, Aaron wraps with some quick reaction to the first AP college hoops poll - and gives you five teams he believes are either overrated or underrated in the first ranking (36:00). Finally, he plays "Where Aaron Was Right, Where Aaron Was Wrong" talking Coach, the UConn job and why he was dead wrong on Spencer Rattler.

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