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Aaron Torres Pod: Nebraska falls apart, Chris Mack vs. Dino Gaudio + Phil Steele joins the show

Football is BACK and we have a loaded Aaron Torres Podcast. Aaron reacts to Week 0 with Nebraska falling apart and UConn somehow worse after a season off. Then he talks a high school football fiasco for ESPN, audio of Dino Gaudio trying to extort Chris Mack and Phil Steele joins the show. Here is a full rundown:

Full Week 0 recap: Aaron opens the show by talking Week 0. He explains why Scott Frost has no one to blame but himself, following yet another meltdown for Nebraska (3:00), and also wonders how UConn can somehow be worse after a season with no games (14:15). Then he talks about a crazy story in how ESPN was tricked into broadcasting a game of one of the "best" high schools in Ohio, that actually is legitimately terrible (26:00).

Chris Mack vs. Dino Gaudio audio released (30:00): Next up, Aaron reacts to the drama surrounding Louisville basketball from over the weekend. A former assistant coach tried to extort head coach Chris Mack - and Aaron reacts to the crazy audio and Mack's six-game suspension that followed. Is Mack feeling the heat heading into Year 4 at Louisville?

Phil Steele joins the show (44:00): Finally, legendary college football voice Phil Steele, of "Phil Steele Magazine" joins the show. He discusses how his magazine comes together, which teams he believes could disappoint this season, and the three teams that he believes are dark horse playoff contenders. Finally, after seven months of putting the magazine together, how does Phil Steele relax one the magazine is sent to print?

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