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Aaron Torres Pod: Dereck Lively to Duke, what's next for UK, 2022 SEC Schedules + Aaron Right/Wrong

It's Wednesday and we have a loaded Aaron Torres Podcast, as Aaron discusses Dereck Lively's commitment to Duke, why he was wrong on Jon Scheyer and what it means for Kentucky. Then he gives quick reaction to the 2022 SEC schedule release, and plays "Where Aaron Was Right, Where Aaron Was Wrong" discussing Georgia's rise, Oklahoma's struggles, CFB Playoff expansion and Ben Simmons:

Dereck Lively commits to Duke, what's next for Kentucky, Nick Smith: Aaron opens the show by discussing big news in the world of college hoops recruiting, as the No. 2 player in America, Dereck Lively II committed to Duke (2:30). Aaron explains why Lively is the rare high school player who will have Day 1 impact in college hoops, and why he was wrong on Jon Scheyer. Also, is there anything Kentucky could have done differently and where do they go from here? He also spends a minute talking about Nick Smith, a guard from Arkansas who is set to commit next week.

SEC Football Schedules, Aaron Right, Aaron Wrong: Next up, Aaron does a quick reaction to the 2022 SEC Football schedule release (20:00). He discusses Alabama finally going on the road for a big game in the out of conference (are we sure it will be out of conference), and why Auburn and Florida have great schedule set-ups and Arkansas and Tennessee not so much. Finally, he plays "Where Aaron Was Right, Where Aaron Was Wrong" talking Georgia football, College Football Playoff expansion and Ben Simmons' bizarre hold out in Philadelphia (30:00).

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