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Aaron Torres Pod: College Football Playoff reaction, Matt Corral injury + classic at the Rose Bowl

It's 2022 and Aaron has a full recap of the last few days in college football - he talks two College Football Playoff duds and looks ahead to the championship game, discusses the overreaction to Matt Corral's decision to play in the Sugar Bowl + an all-time Rose Bowl. Here's a full rundown:

Reaction to the College Football Playoff semifinals + a first look at the Georgia-Alabama title game: Aaron opens the show with reaction to both College Football Playoff games. Aaron discusses when he first knew Cincinnati was in trouble against Alabama, why Bama used the CFP as a "tune up" for the title game and why Cincy has nothing to be ashamed of in their effort against Bama (2:00). Then Aaron discusses Georgia's blowout of Michigan and gives his first (17:00), initial thoughts on what next Monday's title game will look like (22:00).

Matt Corral overreaction + a classic Rose Bowl: Finally, Aaron wraps by talking about the overreaction to Matt Corral's injury in the Sugar Bowl, and why no one - besides Corral - has any right to say what the "right" or "wrong" decision was (30:40). Finally, Aaron talks about a classic Rose Bowl, explains why this is proof there are no "meaningless" bowl games and how Ohio State are more excited after this one than they would have been if there'd been no opt outs for this game (42:30)

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